2019apr 24

The power and charm of images



Pinar Demirdag is half of the artist duo Pinar & Viola. They create highly aesthetic images for the zeitgeist, using them as special effects for fashion, technology and design. They translate cultural trends into exciting visuals and thus inspire a more conscious future. They work for companies such as Google, Redbull, Koché, Nike, Adidas, MTV and IKEA and regularly participate in international exhibitions.


‘The essential ingredient of our work is the image and we managed to use it in so many contexts’. Hologram catwalk, the collection in ikea, fashion prints, artificial intelligence artworks, videos, decors, stained glass windows, face maks, industrial porcelain..


The lecture will be around us shifting in between mediums while having images fostering unity, prosperity and progress as constant.


Practical info:

• Wednesday the 24th of april • 12u00-13u00

• Free, no ticket required.

• MIA•H, Kempische Kaai 85, 3500 Hasselt

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