2019mei 21

EYnovation™ Workshop: Instagram, a boon or a bane? Lets get you Insta-Ready..



In today's world, you can have your business idea set up in less than 24 hours. That means so can everyone else. How to use Instagram - the strongest digital marketing tool in the industry - to your advantage? What are some of the basic concepts and hacks that can help you stand out and create an engaged following? How can you 'beat' the instagram algorithim and effectively reach your target audience?

Come learn the a-z of setting up an effective Instagram strategy from startup founder and business strategy consultant Aisha S Kothari (linkedin profile here) Over a 3 hour interactive workshop you will learn about: 

- Setting up a digital strategy
- Feed planning
- Engagement metrics
- Instagram tools 
- Role of PR and influencers
- Instagram insights 
- And much more!

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by The Factory - EYnovation


praktische info:

•Dinsdag 21 mei•12u - 15u

•MIA•H, Kempische Kaai 85, 3500 Hasselt