Open MIA•H Days

Come and see what's
going on behind our curtains


2018jun 29

Workshop ∙ Circulair Ontwerpen

With useful tips & tricks

2018jun 30

Workshop ∙ Lederen Etui

Your own unique leather etui


2018jun 30

Workshop ∙ Lederen Buideltasje

Your personalized leather
fanny pack with 3D-printed details


2018jun 30

Workshop ∙ Make your MIA

Make your clothes MIA-proof


2018jul 01

Workshop ∙ Biofabrication

Intro and crash course
in biofabrication


2018jul 07

Cursus ∙ Soldeer Zomer

Intensive, technical
and practical course


2018jul 09

Press to Impress

Your very own
ZulupaPUWA-inspired T-Shirt


2018jul 14

Workshop borduurmachine

Every stitch you take
you make...

2018mei 18

Workshop E-textiles

Bring the best
of both worlds together.


2018mei 11

Lezing: Lucy Sarneel

Slow art in a
fast world





2018mei 08
house of fashion retail event georganiseerd door ucll

House of Fashion

The key to success for small retailers in fashion


2018mei 03

Workshop patroontekenen

The power of a pattern
a few steps, a few tools away

2018mei 02

Workshop introductie lasersnijden

The power of a laser opens a world of creativity and technicity

2018apr 21

Breakfast Marketing & GDPR

How to manage

2018apr 11
fashion tech, ernst en young

EYnovation™ In the Spotlight: FashionTech

Fashion technology:
a match made in heaven


2018mrt 28

Wanderful business

A creative exchange between
wanderful designers & businesses


2018mrt 14